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Located in the heart of Vail, the Baggage Cheque is your one-stop destination for all your luggage and travel needs. 

We think traveling should be a necessity in everyone's life. It gives us a chance to step outside of our daily routines, to learn what we're really made of and to experience and learn about different cultures, landscapes, and ecosystems. 

At The Baggage Cheque, you'll find luggage for any type of trip and for all types of travelers. We stock hard-shell and soft-shell luggage, backpacks and carry-on bags in a variety of styles. We have all the electronic gadgets to keep you connected throughout your trip. We stock electronics chargers, foreign outlet adapters, and anti-theft devices, in addition to RFID-blocking cases that can help protect credit card details from theft. Travel accessories for kids and some travel clothing are available at the Baggage Cheque, but luggage takes center stage. 

We want to help you prepare for your next trip or make the one you're on even better. We stock the brands that we have confidence in and that we've used or want to use on one of our many adventures. We're always bringing in new products and testing out new gadgets. Come visit us on your next trip to Vail.

"I am not born for one corner, the whole world is my native land" - Roman Philosopher Seneca