Hi! I'm Jennifer, owner of The Baggage Cheque. My mom was a flight attendant and my dad worked in aviation, so I practically grew up on airplanes and travelling. Exploring our wondrous planet is my life's passion and I travel as often as possible. I recently spent a year and a half permanently on the road, traveling to, from and around 9 different countries on 4 continents. The Roman philosopher Seneca said "I am not born for one corner, the whole world is my native land," and that same sentiment fuels my insatiable wanderlust.

I think travelling should be a priority in everyone's life. It gives us a chance to step outside of our daily routines, to learn what we're really made of and to experience and learn about different cultures, landscapes and ecosystems. Traveling also leaves us with a new perspective on our own homes and opens our minds and hearts to new possibilities, ideas, and ways of thinking.

I'm excited to be in Vail and to help you prepare for your next trip or make the one you're on even better. I stock the brands that I have confidence in and that I've used personally or that I wish I'd had on one of my many adventures. I'm always bringing in new products and testing out new gadgets. 

Come visit me and let's chat about your trip! 

Bon Voyage and Safe Journeys!