I'm a bit of a lone traveller. Most of the trips I've taken as an adult were by myself. As a result, I like to send long e-mails home to friends and family to share my experiences with them. It's a tradition I started in 2008 when I was sent to Dubai for 2 months for work and I've kept it up throughout many of my travels since then. I've reprinted the messages here, chronologically and by country. You'll find entries for Dubai, Oman, India, Finland, Haiti, Uganda, Burundi, Liberia, Thailand, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Kenya. 

These messages are filled with my opinions and feelings at the time I was writing them. I didn't do any sort of real research so there may be some factual errors about some of the places I was visiting. If so, sorry about that. Feel free to send me a message if you find any.

Also, check out the blog I wrote while living in Liberia during the summer of 2012:  The Weary Traveller Blog

I hope you enjoy!