Dubai - February 13, 2008

So today I took my life in my own hands a rented a car.  I figure...I've been driving since I was 13 and spent a summer cruising around LA, so these crazy drivers here have nothing on me.  It's really not that bad so long as you don't mind driving in endless construction zones and you can avoid the crazy Emiratis who swerve across 7 lanes of traffic without indicating.  

I counted all the cranes I could see out my hotel window.  I came up with 32.  I took some pictures that will follow shortly.  I also went to the Ibn Battuta mall today.  It was really more like a Las Vegas hotel.  It's about 2 kilometers long and has multiple themes: Persian, Egyptian, Indian, Chinese and a few others that I didn't make it to.  It was very cool and worth just hanging out in even if you didn't want to shop.

I had two surreal moments today.  One was walking through the mall and stumbling across an IMAX theater playing "Santa Vs. The Snowman."  This is a cartoon that was made by the company I used to work for in California.  I remember being around when they were in production and it was strange to see it showing here.  The other was when I was driving home from work.  I was listening to one of the six English language radio stations and they proceeded to give the score and some details from last night's Ducks vs Avalanche game!  Some of the streets here could double for Southern California so I was a bit confused about where I was, until they started giving the traffic news about the main road to Abu Dhabi. 

Anyway...that's all for now.