We deliver to all local hotels and residences in Vail and Avon!


We can ship anywhere in the USA! We typically use UPS Ground for luggage and the US Postal Service for smaller items.


22" Carry-On or smaller  - $28.00

Luggage Over 22"  - $40.00

Kid's Suitcases  - $15.00

Travel Accessories - $6.00 to $20.00 depending on the size and number of items

(Merchandise shipped outside of Colorado does not incur sales tax)

Warranties & Repairs

Although we do not repair bags in-house, we can help coordinate your repair, either through the brand's warranty policy or through one of our preferred repair centers. For a $40 fee*, we will ship your bag, complete the necessary paperwork and coordinate with the manufacturer or repair center on your behalf. For warrantied bags, the manufacturer will then fix or replace your bag and send it back to the store or to you directly, as you prefer. For non-warrantied bags or for damage that falls outside of the brand's warranty policy, we will relay the repair cost estimate to you for approval prior to work being done. 

*please note, any bag with a dimension larger than 36", whether a natural part of the bag or due to damage (such as a large bag whose handle won't retract) will be charged an extra $15 to cover the extra cost of shipping.